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18 March 2010 @ 02:17 pm
Splinter Cell Conviction Demo impressions.  
Writing this here because some of the guys watching me on FA are stupid whiners that hate the new direction SC is going in.

First and foremost I find myself wanting to try the game on my PC as opposed to my Xbox because:
1) Keyboard and mouse helps aiming
2) My TV is too dark/too bright
3) My TV's sound sucks

That said, I replayed the demo so much my xbox froze. I love it a lot. I want more. There is nothing like sweeping across a room and killing four guys, and the melee takedowns are amazing. Even on the hardest difficulty the game doesn't really feel unfair to me (which I can't say about splinter cell games of the past, rainbow six, etc.). This game cannot come out fast enough.